Intelligens is a motivated team of experienced consultants. Complimented with rapid development tools and methodology, Intelligens’ core focus is on the technical aspects of SAP implementations. With sound technical and application experience the Intelligens team can assist your project from the Blueprint Gap Analysis to Post-Implementation Continual Business Improvement. Attention to supporting our clientele after go-live is paramount to our success.


With an in-depth understanding of the SAP system, the Intelligens team remains focussed on the technical aspects of the SAP system. This results in less manipulation of SAP standard functions and ensures better maintainability in the long term. Each member of the team has a diverse experience and compliment each other. This is necessary on projects where the team needs to settle down and achieve tight deadlines. With experience in all core modules the team can comfortably communicate with all application teams and require less hand holding.

The team maintains its own internal standards and development methodology resulting in faster development turnaround. The team is better equipped to demonstrate standards and best business practise to a client’s development team. Armed with tools like Siamease, the Intelligens team is capable of providing rapid and comprehensive data migration at any phase of the SAP project. Through our reusability methodology the team can provide consistent solutions that the client and consultants can rely on. These standards and methodologies compliment the ASAP methodology and forms an integral part of the full development life cycle from Project Preparation through to Post-Implementation Support.

Each member has project management experience and hence deadlines, budgeting and the overall project deliverables are realised. This contributes to the team’s ability to drive and manage their area of responsibility on large implementations.

Even on fairly standard SAP implementations there is still a strong need to include a development team. The difference is that on a standard implementation the project does not have the budget to rework solutions. It can also not afford to employ consultants in training. Each implementation requires development work in customer correspondence, data migration, customer eccentric validation and primary reporting.


Full ABAP Development
Technical Solutions Development
Complete Project Development
Complete Application Development
6-11 Years IT Experience Per Team Member


Managing the project development

Integrating solutions into SAP via user exits and enhancements

Full application development using object oriented controls

Customer correspondence using Adobe Interactive Forms

Rapid report development via ALV and Hierarchical reporting

BTE  – the underlying financial posting infrastructure

BDT – the underlying Business Partner engine

Internet development – Web Dynpro, BPS & other WAS components

Integration into office processes – Desktop Office Integration

Automation of Complex and Tedious Processes

Basis optimisation within the development module

Data Maintenance, audit and conversions


ABAP (In-House)

Siamease Introduction

Siamease Advanced

Siamease Integrated Solutions